New structures to come. Information (past + future) upon request.


Read Jeff VanderMeers introduction to the Astroecology project here. English edition available now from Argos Books.

"I turn to Astroecology and its Encyclopedia when the weight of the actual world grows heavy, and I need to be surprised, or puzzled, or refreshed." — Ursula K. Le Guin

"A vision both nostalgic and premonitory. A transmigration of the mundane, decay upon decay, read as imminent luminescence”— David Sylvian


Field recordings from the future + alien artifacts: and

The Evolution AI (built to replace Johannes Heldén):



– Residency at Rupert, Vilnius. November-December.

– Group exhibition and performance at Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands. Opening October 30. Curated by Barbara Perea.

– Interactive artwork (Field Guide to Future Stockholm) for project Gränsland/Borderland, Stockholm, launching October 25.

– Showing new work in Ocean Dwellers, Nordic Embassies, Berlin. Opening October 19. Curated by Solvej Ovesen.

– Performing Evolution (w/Håkan Jonson) at Radikal Salong, Kulturhuset Stockholm, October 12.

– Performance at Høstscena Festival, Ålesund, Norway. September 27.

– TEDx talk, London. September 24.

– Performance at the Natur am Bau festival, Burg Hülshoff, Havixbeck, Germany. September 14.

– Performance/reading (w/Jacob Lillemose) at Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen, August 30. Curated by Irene Campolmi.

– Cosmological Arrows, group show at Bonniers Konsthall, opening August 29.

– Special project for the Desert X 2019 biennial in Palm Springs, curated by Neville Wakefield:

– Showing new work in Living Room, a group exhibition at Wendy’s Subway and ISCP, curated by Amanda Abi Khalil.

– Solo show at Cecilia Hillström Gallery in Stockholm, opening March 30.

– New book, First Contact, release date April 12.

– Showing new work in The Edge of the Sea, group exhibition at Jugendstilsenteret/KUBE in Ålesund, curated by Benedikte Holen.

– Showing new work in the Fiskars Biennial, opening May 19, curated by Jenni Nurmenniemi.

– In residence at ISCP in New York until September 2019.


– N. Katherine Hayles on Evolution:

Astroecology longlisted for best translated book.

– New works for the Herbarium exhibition (Gnesta Artlab, Grafikens Hus) Ecological science fiction soundwalk performance @ Under Tallarna, August 19. 

– Showing the Terraforming Revisited work at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, in the OEI #79 exhibition. 

– The Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, RIBOCA, curated by Katerina Gregos. June 2- October 28.

– New works for the Traces of Existence project, initiated by the Jewish Museum in Stockholm.

– The Iaspis New York City fellowship at ISCP (2018-19).


– Special presentation, solo exhibition (A New We, curated by Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology) at Trondheim Kunsthall, opening November 2. 

The Exploding Book, Konstakademien/The Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm. Opening December 2.

– Performing at Sibiu International Poetry Festival, Romania. 21-24 September.

– New book/soundscape hybrid, Takträdgårdar, out on OEI editör. Release at Rönnells Antikvariat in Stockholm, June 13. Download the field recordings here

– Publication of short novel "New New Hampshire" and installation work for Momentum 9, The Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moss, Norway. Opening June 17. 

– Performance/exhibition at Roskilde Festival, July 1. Reading at Literaturhaus in Copenhagen, July 2.

– ELO 17 exhibition (Communities – Signs, Actions, Codes), Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória, Porto, Portugal, July 18.

–Publication "Clouds..." for  Møllebyen Literature Festival, and performance at August 17, House of Foundation, Moss, Norway.

– Performing Astroecology with Wildbirds & Peacedrums at Stockholm Act, August 23, Kulturhuset.

– Order the English translation of Astroecology here. Read an excerpt in EuropeNow Journal here.

– New book, Sentient, out on Chateaux in May.

– New public commission, Spacetime. Info here (in Swedish).

– Performance and exhibition at Statens Museum for Kunst (National Art Museum), Copenhagen, opening May 19. 

– New work in 10tal magazine # 26.

– Performing at Lille Bogdag in Copenhagen, June 4.

– New work (w/Håkan Jonson) in OEI # 75-76, also showing work on April 30 at the forest exhibition/release at Korpberget in Stockholm.

– Showing work at Budapest Book Festival, April 23. Also featured in Magyar Műhely magazine.

– Performing at Møllegade Bokhandel, Copenhagen, March 4. Also taking part in talk with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology.

– Performing parts of Astroecology at Bergen Bibliotek on February 14.

– Performing at the Danish Embassy in Washington DC, February 8. Organized by The Alan Cheuse International Writers Center and the Embassies of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Argos Books.

– In residency at the MacDowell Colony, January.


– Performing at the release of The Imaginary Reader, Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall, December 13.

– New work in The Imaginary Reader,  published by Volt. The Imaginary Reader is both an anthology of commissioned texts by a variety of writers, artists, critics, art historians and philosophers and an exhibition in the form of a book with several artworks. The book is meant as a stimulus to thinking about the imaginary and the relationship between fiction and reality. By way of artworks, experimental texts and reflections it offers a range of angles and ideas on different aspects of the imaginary. 

– Performing Astroecology with Wildbirds & Peacedrums at Folkteatern in Gothenburg, November 25. 

– Presenting work/performing at Alingsås Konsthall, October 13. 

– Showing work/performing at Digital Poetry symposia at the Valand Academy, Gothenburg, September 20-21.

– Showing works in the Öyvind Fahlström: Kalas på BORD event/exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm on September 17. 

– Reading at Forum för poesi och prosa, Gothenburg, September 7 & Lidköpings Stadsbibliotek, September 8.

– Performing Astroecology with Wildbirds & Peacedrums, at Clandestino Festival, Gerlesborgsskolan, July 30.

– Presenting/reading Astroecology at Bonniers Konsthall, June 1. Live performance with Wildbirds & Peacedrums, and a discussion with curator and publisher Ida Bencke. 

– Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation 30 years, group show at Bonniers Konsthall, opening May 22.

– US readings: May 7 at Bushel Collective, Delhi, NY. May 11 at Sunview Luncheonette, Greenpoint/Brooklyn, NY. May 13 at the Atlas Review Reading Series, 61 Local, Brooklyn, NY.

– Reading and signing at Science Fiction Bokhandeln, Stockholm, April 23.  

– The Astroøkologi digital work shown at Lille Bogdag, April 17, Copenhagen.

– Reading/performance at Stockholms Litteraturmässa, April 16.

– Solo show, Uplift, at Broken Dimanche, Berlin, March 31.

– Performance at Göteborgs Stadsbibliotek, March 18.

Evolution included in the Electronic Literature Collection, vol. 3. 

– Showing new work in group show OEI Strata at INCA SEATTLE, January 29-February 20.

– New work at the c0sm0sm0se performance poetry festival, February 13-15, Düsseldorf.

– Solo show Uplift at Borås Konstmuseum, February 11-March 13.

– Showing work at Oslo Poesifilm festival, February 6. 


– Performance at Stockholm International Poetry Festival, November 28.  

– New texts by the RepRecDigit research group (in Swedish) about the Field work. See also this, for writings about the Evolution work.

– Showing new work in group show TRANS/ART at Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, November 6 - 9. 

– New work in group show Strata at Skövde Konstmuseum. Opening October 29, with performance by the artist.

– Recipient of Åke Andréns Konstnärsstipendium. Solo exhibition at Waldemarsudde, Stockholm, September 22 - October 25 and Jönköpings Läns Museum November 14 - December 13. More venues forthcoming.

– Showing new work (with Håkan Jonson) at ISEA 2015, Vancouver, Canada, August 14-19.

– Showing new work (with Håkan Jonson) at ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature, in Bergen, August 5-8.

– New multiple for OEI, premiers at MAD #1 (Multiple Art Days) in Paris, May 22-24.

Evolution featured in new book, "Den här datorn", about the history of the computer in Swedish art.

– Evolution in group show Reading Interfaces: Inquiries at the Intersection of Literature and Technology, at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA.

– Evolution in group show Language and the Interface, at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

– Elect in The &Now Awards vol.3 – The Best Innovative Writing, published by Lake Forest Press.

– Dance performance based on Elect, Digital Poetry and Dance 2015, January 30, UB Center for the Arts, Buffalo.

– Residency at Headlands Center for the Arts, in April/May. 

– Contribution to THING 37, by John Cleater, published by Chateaux.

– Residency and new project/exhibition, Field, at HUMlab, Umeå University, in March.

Evolution featured in Drunken Boat # 20, curated by Jhave.

– New poem, Chester & Lex, in Slot # 7.


– Lumen Prize exhibition; in Cardiff, Athens, New York, Amsterdam.

Evolution is one of the featured works in the ELO Showcase of Electronic Literature. Selected by Robert Kendall. 

– Performance / reading at Oslo Poetry Festival, September 4. 

– Performance / reading at Berl's Poetry Shop in Dumbo, NYC, September 7.

– Lecture / performance at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, September 10. 

–  Residency and exhibition at the Media Archaelogy Lab (University of Colorado) Boulder, September.

Evolution wins the N.Katherine Hayles award for Criticism of Electronic Literature. Read more here.

– New poems in Lyrikvännen # 3/14.

– New work in Pelt # 3 / Organism for Poetry Research.

– Fall 2014, residency at Hawthornden Castle.

– Listen to a recording from Ljus, on Podpoesi (Swedish only).

Evolution, exhibition and book release at OEI color project, Stockholm, May 17. The book features contributions from John Cayley, Maria Engberg, Jonas Ingvarsson, Cecilia Lindhé, Jesper Olsson and Jakob Lien.

– Showing Elect in Anthropoetry exhibition at Vancouver Community Library, April 23-26. 

– Screening of new animation at The Institute [for experimental arts], Athens, April 15. 

System II (Irrlicht) music album now available on Spotify.

– The 2003 poetry collection Burner now available as a free download. Go here. English version upcoming.

– Animations/Starscapes for Mariam the Believer European tour.

– OEI at Marabouparken, curating sound program and showing new work, March 29.


– System 2, music album (feat. Mariam Wallentin and Markus Krunegård), and System 3, graphic print, out

at Irrlicht. Release December 14. Preview here.

– Group show Om böcker at Fullersta Gård, Huddinge. October 19-November 24.

– Performance at Dialogues Music Festival, Inspace, Edinburgh University, November 9.

– Performance and lecture at Bergen Bibliotek, November 12 – Nordic Landscapes and Digital Poetics.

– Performing at Oslo Poesifilm, November 16-17.

– First edition of new digital work Evolution online now. See also the DDDL gallery and ELMCIP.

– Evolution to be shown at the ICIDS 2013 exhibition, Bahcesehir University Galata Campus Art Gallery,

Istanbul. Opening November 7.

– Chercher le texte – exhibition and performance at the Centre Pompidou/BPI, September 23.

– New book at OEI editör, Terraforming, out now.

– Terraforming, solo presentation at Gothenburg Museum of Art, October 11–December 8.

– Angående den fjärde naturen, poems in Slot #1.

– I historiens ljus – samtal på ABF om poetiska föreställningar kring civilisation och historia. September 16.

– New book and digital work for Möllebyen Litteraturfestival: The Factory/Fabriken. More info at House of Foundation.

– Showing sculptures with OEI at The Fifth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Russia.

– Elect in Spring Gun Press Issue 8.

– Performance at Möllebyen Litteraturfestival, August 17.

– Den Andra Världen, SR/Swedish Radio. More info/listen here (Swedish only).

– Original artwork and text in new issue of 10tal.

– Showing new work in the E-Poetry exhibition at Watermans, London.

 Ljus out now. Order it here.

– Väljarna/Elect in I ♥ E-Poetry.

– Väljarna in the ELMCIP Anthology of Electronic Literature. English version online now.

– Text/poem for Blood Donation album by Mariam the Believer.

– English version of Entropy Edition. Go here.